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Kate's Corner
"Grow what you love. The love will keep it growing." -Emilie Barnes. Working in the garden is a total escape, like a meditation that gives you pure joy and delight, which is nurturing for the soul. There is so much satisfaction in planting a seed, watching it grow and enjoying the fruits of my labor — a vase full of beautiful flowers, eating fresh veggies and sharing the bounty with family and friends. Until next time,
Kate's Corner
Women Laughing Holding Gardening Tools
Each lilac color has a different meaning. Although the species stands for renewal and confidence overall, each color of lilac has its own specific meaning. White lilacs represent purity and innocence, while purple lilacs symbolize spirituality. If the blooms edge more on the blue side of the color wheel, they symbolize happiness and tranquility. Magenta lilacs symbolize love and passion.
From Better Homes and Gardens
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