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Kate's Corner
A spotlight on Lighthouses!
Originally constructed as tall towers with a bright light at the top, these navigational structures warned boats of dangerous areas. To help these beacons of light stand out in contrast with their surroundings, they were painted in specific colors or with stripes. The height of the lighthouse would take into account the curvature of the earth and the high waters so its light could still be seen far out at sea. Most modern-day lighthouses are run by machines and remote monitoring rather than lighthouse keepers – though there are some that house caretakers who watch over the property and grounds. While still very functional, these lighthouses are admired from land and highly photographed in many beautiful landscapes and family portraits.
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Kate's Corner
Women in front of lighthouse
The first lighthouse (in what is now the United States) was built on Little Brewster Island at the entrance to Boston Harbor in 1716. Unfortunately, the British blew it up in 1776; however, a replacement tower was built in 1783 and still functions as a navigational aid. Known as Boston Harbor Light, it is the only U.S. lighthouse that is still manned. The first U.S. lighthouse to use electricity is also the world's most famous lighthouse: the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor.*

Lighthouse photo


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