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Kate's Corner
Summer fun beyond your own backyard!
This is a great time to get moving and start exploring! How about a road trip to a different city or town to take in new sites. There are many reasons to travel — for one, it’s a chance for self-reflection. "Travel gives you a much-needed opportunity to really get back to who you are, what makes you tick, and potentially rediscover parts of yourself that have been lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life back home. There’s nothing quite like a long drive on an open road to clear the mind"*. Wherever you choose to go, joy will surely follow.
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Kate's Corner
Women holding binoculars
Get lost in your own neighborhood, you might be surprised at what you find like this house in Rockport, MA, that is made entirely out of newspapers. The Rockport Paper House’s walls, doors, and furniture are made of varnished newspapers—roughly 100,000 of them. 215 layers of paper were stuck together with a homemade glue of flour, water, and apple peels to make 1-inch-thick panels for the walls.**
** From Atlas Obscura
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Cabin in the woods, with american flag


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