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Appleseed’s Is Your One Stop Shop for All the Ladies on Your List This Christmas & Holiday Season




Those are just a few of the many adjectives you’ll use to describe our 2021 holiday gift guide. At Appleseed’s, you’ll find our women’s clothing and accessories as unique as the people on your Christmas list. For example, we have inexpensive, practical, items like socks. We also sell fancy and fashionable garments, such as wool blazers and cardigan sweaters. Additionally, we carry large lines of designer perfumes and jewelry. Above, within our holiday-themed categories, you’ll find these ideas and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions: Holiday Gifting

Picking out what to get someone for a Christmas present can conjure up a lot of questions. At Appleseed’s, we have selected a few common ones to answer and help you select a gift that will make any lady in your life happy.

Is Clothing a Bad Holiday Gift?

Although it requires a decent amount of effort, it can be a great idea to give a woman the gift of fashion this holiday season. More personal than presenting someone with a gift card, an article of clothing shows effort and creativity. We just suggest asking your wife, lady friend, sister - or any woman on your shopping list - their size preference upfront. This might lessen the gift's surprise element but will help ensure she will love the present. Also, think about her personality and the types of outfits she typically wears and factor them into your decision.

What are Some Christmas Gift Ideas for Ladies Over 50?

For the more mature woman in your life, we suggest getting a gift symbolizing her sophistication and class. Perfume, or a necklace, are traditional and effective choices. Looking for something more unique and luxurious? Consider a wool flower red beret or leopard print scarf.

What is an Appropriate Christmas Gift for a Female Employee?

The business world experienced a lot of change since last year's holiday season. Now is a great time to show your female employees how much you appreciate their hard work, flexibility, and perseverance. Loungewear, such as a cozy pair of foam-cushioned slippers or luxurious velour set, is very thoughtful (especially if she works from home!). A fun piece of clothing, like a Santa Sweater, is another idea that can help boost morale this season. If you’d rather play it safe, you can’t go wrong by giving a woman on your team a gift card.

All these different holiday gift ideas have one thing in common: you can get them all here, at Appleseed’s. Have fun shopping our online collections of clothing, shoes and accessories, and make 2021 your best season of giving ever!